I Got Me A Bull

11 May 2009 | life, bullet, bike

Concerned Chaddi-buddy: “Seriously, are you eff-ing crazy?”

Colleague, who’s been there, done that: “Why don’t you get a nice little NaNo instead? It’s economical and safe. Plus, it’ll have an A/C for Delhi’s summers.”

Older, wiser colleague: “Get a car - invest in your future.”

Ex-GF: “What is this, a quarter-life crisis?”

Good Friend & Machismo owner: “It’s pure lust. Don’t fight it, go for it!!”

X: “I’ll sleep with you if you buy the TBTS!!”

Ok, the last one isn’t true. So here I am…late twenties, software coolie, haven’t ridden anything except bsa champ/hero cycles (in school) and an advanced automatic-geared Kinetic (in college), with a history of crashing into gates, cycles, mopeds and innocent chole-bhature-wallahs by the road;my first bike - a Bullet? Looking back (to about two weeks), WHAT WAS I THINKING?

That’s how love at first sight works, I guess. I was passing by a Bull pen, saw a few on dislpay and instantly fell for the TBTS. Some say it’s not a real Bull - oh yeah?? ! It’s been a couple of weeks now - early morning (4AM - honest!) rides because I’m too sissy to ride in Delhi’s traffic, day-dreaming at work, reading up on Bull-care, planning long trips up mountains somewhere and hoping my parents don’t find out that I’ve bought a bike.

Pissed-off parents: “Rajiv!!! You little turd! If that bike doesn’t kill you, we will….”

IM(not-so-humble)O, there comes a time in every bonded labourer’s life when he gets sick of hauling crap; planning and acting very carefully in the hope of a mythical Shangri-La-like future. He feels the urge to make a clean break from the past and, at the risk of sounding cliched, to get away from it all. Suddenly, in a moment of clarity, he decides to steal the master’s horse and run away to the mountains - to savour the HERE and the NOW. Well, I got a Bull and the labourer story doesn’t make any sense, but being the don’t-care-till-it-bites-me-in-the-@$$ kinda guy that I am, I really don’t need to convince anyone.

Thump On (even with a subdued thump)!!

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On Humility

For the first few days that you own a Bull, you’re on top of the world. You polish it till it gleams, you don’t allow anyone else near it, you wipe dirt off the silencer (while it’s still hot and burn your index & middle fingers); you know, the usual.