I'm a programmer who loves cats, coffee and anything with dangerously high levels of saturated fats. If you have worked with me before, well, insanity is my only defence :)

I also blather occasionally at A Bum on Two Wheels.


Technologies I like:

- Java Spring

- Ruby Webmachine

- MyBatis ActiveRecord

- Javascript Angular

- Unix SQL


I have been working in the Construction, Automobile, Finance and eCommerce domains. I have completed full project life cycles on Enterprise Java projects as an analyst, software designer and developer.

Apart from coding, I have also played diverse business and technical roles ranging from helping our clients elucidate new requirements, analyse their impact on existing applications and building proof-of-concept pieces to fit into existing applications. I have also been responsible for infrastructure and performance-related activities on my projects.



Email: rajivrnair (at) gmail.com